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What Her Husband Doesn't Know

I cheat, and I don't think that it's a big deal. I think the people send stories to Web sites like this because they want to feel normal. I'm writing this because I want all the cheaters out there to know that they are normal. I've been using the Internet to cheat on my husband since 1994. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. He doesn't know, and if he did it would only hurt him. I'm sure that he has a more than a share of extramarital affairs-I don't care, as long as he's discrete.

I'm shocked to find out that so many people don't know about adult friend finder. I mean, their advertising is everywhere and I don't know anyone that hasn't at least been curious enough to check it out. I know I am a little bit strange and that area because I crossed the line and used it to meet men but I know for sure I am not alone. The way I see it- life is short, why fantasize when you can live it? I don't feel guilty or scared that I will be caught because I'm of the nature of the network.

I'm 43 and I love the feeling of getting fucked by a young well-built stud for the first time. Just yesterday a guy named Nick invited me over to his place and I spent most of the afternoon on his couch with my face pressed into a pillow. I loved it. My husband was on a business trip and I'm sure that he will never find out and the experience will give me something to think about for a long time when I'm keeping myself busy with a vibrator.

In the spirit of the rest of the stories I'll give you all the details. It started out as most of my online affairs do; I met him in a chat group. He was very bold and brash, and I like that in my lovers. When I discovered that he was in my area I couldn't resist setting up a date. He was six-foot two, two hundred and 15 pounds, and without any fat on him at all. I couldn't believe that he wasn't exaggerating even a little when he was describing himself. Of course, I had lied about my age but when he saw me he didn't seem to notice. I think I pass quite nicely for a woman of 32. We went back to his place and he was a perfect gentleman, even charming.

As a joke he carried me over the threshold and we embraced in a French kiss while we helped each other of our clothes. The first thing he did when I got his belt undone was hold the base of his cock and push the head against my cheek. Sometimes I swear men are all the same. I started darting my tongue around the base and slowly licked my way to the head. I could barely wrap my lips around it, it was so thick, but I managed to get the entire length down my throat. Just to do something different or at least to make things memorable, I put my finger in his ass. You know it's funny, as soon as I did that he came- I've noticed a lot of guys love it.

I didn't swallow. I let him come in my mouth, but when he was finished I turned my head and spit a huge gob of come on his carpet. He didn't say anything, just raised in eyebrow and pushed me back into the couch. I was then treated to a marvelous tongue lashing and introduced to some very talented fingers. I actually came twice before his cock was at attention again.

I didn't have to move a muscle. He picked me up and positioned my legs over his shoulders. The head of his cock pressed against my very wet pussy but he was holding back, just teasing me. He did this so long I had to beg him to fuck me. When he finally shoved it in I felt total relief.

He fucked me for what seemed like hours- first on my back, then on my side, then with my face pushed into the back in cushion of the coach (that was my favorite). He was even enough of a gentleman that he asked if he could come on my tits. I love it when guys ask for weird stuff and I not only let him do it, I smeared it all over my tits to satisfy him.

When everything was finished I kissed him goodbye and got his number. I don't think I'll call. I like variety too much, but it's just polite to ask.

My curiosity is satisfied, my pussy is sore, I'm still attractive to young men, no one will find out, and no one will get hurt. I am very pleased with myself. Everyone should have a little fun for themselves from time to time.

-Name and address withheld.

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