On The Beach

Hello my name is Michelle and I want to tell your readers a story I think they'll find very interesting.

I never would have tried a dating service until I moved to a new city and found myself quite isolated from anyone I knew. I was masturbating every night not knowing how I was going to get a real man to fuck my pussy. I started out innocently enough, meeting guys through a few romance dating sites, but after spending more than a few nights on dates and not getting laid because there wasn't time or the guy was trying to be a gentleman I started searching for a dating service that had studs that knew what they wanted. Adult Friend Finder was exactly what I was looking for and I've never looked back. I signed up and I found Michael on my very first try.

I wasn't looking for a long-term relationship, but Michael won me over. We have a lot in common and he's gorgeous. I feel incredibly lucky to be around him, never mind his girlfriend. Every time I look at him I imagine him naked and fantasize what his face is going to look like the next time he's pushing his cock into my pussy. I've never felt so free with anyone and he knows he can have me whenever he wants- and that's what makes sex with him so exciting. He's into having sex in public places and I'm always waiting for his command to suck his cock, or to bend over and get fucked with my skirt on. I've never worn underwear on a date with him yet.

I just had the wildest sexual experience of my life. We were on the beach and I was wearing a tight skirt with nothing on underneath when Michael put his hand on my ass and suggested we get out of the sun for a while. We bought some ice cream and he took me by the hand and led me under a small boardwalk. I knew exactly what he wanted, but I thought he was going to wait until we were finished the ice cream.

He started everything off by asking me if I wanted to taste his cone. When I said 'sure' he pulled out his cock and smeared ice cream all over it. His face was priceless as he did it, I'm sure he felt very cold and it even looked like he might lose his erection for a minute. I did my best to warm up his cock with my mouth, but I had to keep licking my ice cream cone or it would melt. I alternated between the two and he said the mix was something I had to feel for myself to fully appreciate how good it felt.

He went down on me, but instead of smearing the ice cream on my pussy he took licks from his cone every couple of seconds while intermittently sucking on my clit. I had Michael's head buried underneath my dress and I was leaning against one of the poles of the boardwalk looking at the ocean and people swimming and walking on the beach. I was sort of checking to see if anyone had noticed us, but to be honest at that moment I didn't really care.

I came, and I couldn't help letting a little cry pass my lips. Now that I think about it, I'm sure everyone within a sixty-foot radius probably heard me and saw what we were doing. After my orgasm and seemingly daring outburst I must have been giving signals of being up for more than what we would now consider normal sex because Michael turned me over onto my stomach and started fingering my asshole.

We'd never tried anal sex, and I'd always thought it would never be something we'd do in public. Public sex was for quickies, not for spending half an hour on foreplay and performing the most lewd sex we could think of. It made it seem all that much more forbidden and I didn't protest- I spread my legs really wide and started moaning very softly to let him know he could do anything he wanted.

When he took his finger away and got on top of me I thought he was going to put his cock in my ass, but instead he shoved it in my pussy really forcefully. The pleasure it gave me is indescribable and he whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me in the ass. I told him to go for it and was slightly disappointed when he came in my pussy at that moment.

It was so intense to feel him come that it just about pushed me over the edge and I begged him to give me just a few more strokes. I know I was loud then, but it was effective, Michael did as I asked and I had an earth shattering orgasm that I will never forget.

When we opened our eyes we had an audience. There were at least 30 pairs of eyes starting at as, but most of them looked away suddenly when I glanced in their direction- with the exception of a group of young boys (about 16 years old) that didn't even try to pretend they weren't watching. We got out of there really fast because I felt threatened, but I found out afterwards that Michael was fully aware they could see everything while he had been spreading my ass cheeks and probing his finger in my butt. He told me they definitely appreciated the show.

Hearing his explanation and knowing I had recently become the fantasy of two dozen young men really turned me on and we ended up fucking the rest of the night away at my place. I let him fuck me in the ass for the first time and it was wonderful. I wonder what other surprises he has in store for me.

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