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In Praise Of Older Women

I recently started going out with an older woman I met online and it's been awesome. I never really thought about using a dating service to get laid, but after I found out a friend of mine had been doing it for years I gave it a shot and I am very glad I did. If it hadn't been for the Internet, I would never have met Hilary, and she's changed the way I look at women completely.

There's quite an age difference between us and it's part of the reason I find her so amazing. She's 39 and I'm 23. There is nothing like the feel of her pussy. I've never fucked any woman who could purposely make her pussy tight for me. It's unbelievable; she just contracts her muscles down there and holds my cock like a vice while I'm fucking her. She told me she's been doing Kegel exercises for years, but to be honest I really don't care why she can do what she does, I just want her to keep doing it for me!

From the moment we met, I knew I was in for a wild ride. She has a take charge kind of personality and the normal garbage I usually have to go through to get into a chick's pants wasn't required. We talked for about an hour online and arranged a date the next day.

I have a part time job as a bartender and I told her she could come and check me out at work. At first I thought I'd made a mistake because I was worried she would turn out to be ugly and my buddies would see her and make fun of me, but it worked the other way around. When my friends saw Hilary, they were all jealous and couldn't believe I had a shot at fucking her that night. It was great.

She flirted with me tirelessly before closing and then I took her home. We fucked like crazy all night long. She had a ton of energy and she taught me a lot- even a lot of crazy stuff I had never done before. Has anyone else out there had a snowball? That's when a chick sucks you off until you come in her mouth and then she kisses you before she swallows. I can't believe I actually liked it. Now that I've tasted my own cum I don't see why swallowing grossed out so many of the girlfriends I've had before.

I've been seeing Hilary now for over a month and it doesn't look like she's ever going to give up. I've heard that as a woman gets older she gets hornier, but I'd never believed it until now. We've had many quickies and a few times we've even done it right on the bar when I had to close up by myself. I'm surprised it managed to withstand the force of thrusting into her as hard as I could from behind while she was bent over and holding onto the rail for support.

It was in just such position that she showed me another trick I just have to brag about. She can flex her pussy muscles so hard that I can see her hole open and close, as if her pussy is winking at me over and over. She said it's part of her workout. I love spreading her ass cheeks and fingering her pussy as she does this for me. I think every woman should be able to do it and just watching it gets me rock hard. I swear, even if we didn't fuck, I could get off every day just helping her train!

We're very open with each another and we have a firm grasp of the situation we're in. Neither us wants to get serious and it's wicked to be with a woman who isn't trying to get me to marry her or buy her expensive stuff all the time. Hilary is so cool she even told me she wanted me to date women my own age and tell her all about them. She even offered to arrange a threesome with her and another woman anytime I wanted- or with one of my guy friends. I'm not sure what to do about that proposal, but just thinking about it makes my cock rock hard.

Handling another woman and Hilary at the same time would be tough, but I'd definatley be willing to give it a try! The only problem I see is that I think she intended the offer as a trade- I get to have a threesome with two women if she gets to have a threesome with two men. I don't like the idea of even being in the same room as another naked dude with a hard on, but for Hilary, it's a 50/50 call. I think I'm leaning towards going for it, just not right away. I'll wait a month or so and see if she's still serious about it.

The few babes I've had sex with who are my own age haven't had pussies as tight as Hilary's and I'm so used to it now I'm finding it difficult to have normal sex. Last night I fucked a 19-year-old blonde for two hours straight before coming. Even though she loved it, I found it frustrating. It made me wonder if I should break up with Hilary, but only for a second. Other than that, the only dilemma I'm faced with is the issue of a threesome. I can't help but wonder if I should get Hilary to choose the woman. I'm starting to fantasize she has a friend with as much experience with Kegel exercises. Two pussies as tight as hers would be heaven.

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