Pleasing Wife

I was very surprised one day when I came home and discovered my wife in bed with a woman, but I actually had an erection when I first heard them going at it. For a moment I thought she might be fucking a guy, but before I could react I heard the voice of a woman that was definitely not Cathy, who's sensual moans are, at least to me, unmistakable. I crept up to my bedroom and when I saw them on the bed together I held my breath and took in the show, trying to make as little noise as possible so I wouldn't disturb them.

I later found out Cathy had heard me come in and was aware I was watching. Her new friend didn't know I was there and didn't know I was due to come home. The first thing I saw when I looked into the bedroom was my beautiful wife sitting on this woman's face with her back to the door. She was bracing herself on the headboard and obviously enjoying getting eaten out. The woman had her legs spread and I could see her entire naked body, including the folds of her pussy. The only thing I couldn't see was her face, which was buried between Cathy's legs.

I watched as Cathy started bucking on this woman's face, very close to an orgasm. It definitely tops my scales as one of the coolest things I've ever seen. When she finally came she let out a scream of pleasure and I ducked back out of the bedroom just as they started to change positions. I listened from the hallway for a couple of minutes, but it seemed that was the end of their session and they were getting dressed. As quickly and as quietly as I could I went back downstairs and then opened the door noisily. I even shouted, "Honey, I'm home!" to make them think I'd just gotten in.

Cathy came down the stairs and introduced me to her friend Sarah, saying they had meet online. I made some coffee and we had a pleasant conversation at the kitchen table. I felt a little strange talking about our jobs and other idle topics after the show I had just witnessed. I also couldn't help staring at Sarah's perky breasts. We talked for about forty-five minutes before she left, promising to get together again soon. I was impressed with how calm the two women were. I wondered how long they had been seeing each other since they seemed very practiced at hiding it.

Once Sarah had left, Cathy jumped in my arms, kissed me, and then asked if I had enjoyed watching the two of them together. I was quite shocked that she knew I had seen them in the bedroom. She confessed she has always been attracted to women but hadn't told me out of fear I would pressure her into a threesome. She said she wanted to try it on her own first and this was the second time she'd been with Sarah.

Their relationship started through an online dating service. That made sense, I'd wondered why Cathy had been spending so much time with our computer. She actually planned for me to walk in on them that day, even though Sarah wasn't expecting it. She didn't think being with another women would upset me so she decided she wouldn't keep it a secret and make it a surprise. I wanted to kick myself when she told me that! I felt like a total idiot for not jumping in bed with the two of them.

What kept me from getting a gun and shooting myself over such a missed opportunity was the fact that my wife was now onboard for a threesome as soon as we could arrange it. Of course Sarah was an obvious choice, and Cathy approached her with the idea up front the next day and she agreed.

My first threesome was almost indescribable. The girls went nuts having a cock to play with, and they were both extremely kinky. I couldn't resist giving Sarah a demonstration of how Cathy loves it up the ass and it turned her on to see the show so much that she begged me to do her up the butt as well. There's nothing quite like fucking a babe in the ass while your wife licks your balls. Total heaven.

Sarah became a regular item in our bed for about a month before she found a new boyfriend and stopped seeing us. Actually I think she found a lot of guys. I get wood just thinking about her, but she wasn't hard to replace. The Internet has tons of women who actively seek out couples to play with. I had no idea until we started looking. Cathy and I still have threesomes all the time. This last year I've fulfilled so many fantasies it's just amazing. It's been enough to nearly blow my mind. I definitely married the right woman.

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