A Wild Side

I'm shy, I'm 26 years old and I originally joined Adult Friend Finder because my life was pretty boring and I hadn't had a date in a long time. I haven't had many boyfriends and I've always regretted not being more outgoing. I have girlfriends that go to a bar and never leave alone. I've always wished that I could be like that but every time I've thought of approaching a guy I always chicken out. Adult Friend Finder helped me a lot because I got to talk to guys online and tell them exactly how I feel without the pressure of being face to face.

I got a little perverted in a few of the chat rooms and it led to some interesting challenges. I didn't have as much trouble meeting a guy in person after talking with him online for a bit- even if I had been saying things like, "I can suck a golf ball through a garden hose" in the chat room. I've had sex with more men through Adult Friend Finder now in the last year than I've ever had in my life. I got really adventurous though last week when I happened to find two gorgeous guys that ended up challenging me to take them both on.

I'd never really considered having a threesome, but I thought, "why not?" and I went over to their apartment. The guys couldn't believe I showed up. They thought I was too wild to be for real! Their names were Joel and Steve and they were basic all American fun loving college boys. I made a point of showing them just how wild I could get and started a strip show for them. It made me wet to see the guys get so excited. Before I was naked I could see that both of them had nice packages in their jeans for me.

Joel started things off by probing my clit with his fingers. He slid them all around, spreading my cunt lips out and letting my warm juices make my thighs wet. He plunged his middle finger inside me and I felt a wave of pleasure rush through my entire body. The desire to have a hard cock inside me was almost unbearable. I felt his hands retreat as he slid his fingers into his mouth to taste the juices on them. He then lowered his mouth to my pussy and the heat and sensation of his tongue on my love button made me come right away.

While Joel lapped at my pussy his friend Steve had gotten fully undressed and was helping me out of my bra. I was jerking him off when I had my orgasm and he took advantage of the state of ecstasy I was in when I moaned and placed his cock against my cheek. It was a natural reaction to turn my head and start sucking on the head. Steve slowly fed me his entire cock and I hungrily devoured as much as I could. By the time I was deep-throating him I was treated to the wonderful sensation of Joel's hard cock pressing into my pussy.

He slowly slid his dick inside my still trembling pussy and at that moment I think both guys knew they could do anything they wanted to me. Slowly sliding out and back in again, the incredible feel of him inside me caused me to moan uncontrollably and a few times I stopped sucking Steve's cock to catch my breath. Getting fucked by Joel's cock was too much to focus on and I sort of forgot what I was doing to Steve. I wrapped my legs around Joel's back as he started to plunge deeper inside me and I never even noticed Steve pull away. I had my eyes completely closed and Joel held me close and rolled over so I was on top of him. I resumed fucking him at a steady pace and I was a little startled when I felt something cold on my ass. It was lubricant; Steve was massaging it around my asshole with a finger.

I knew it meant Steve wanted to fuck me in the ass at the same time and normally I would have objected. When I think back I can't believe I actually let them do what they did to me. There was something about the heat of the moment- I'd basically lost all touch with reality. I wanted to be fucked by both men no matter how scary the idea of taking on two cocks at the same time was.

Joel stopped all movement when Steve got behind me and slowly squeezed his cock into my ass. It was so tight I thought it wasn't going to fit at all, but he managed to get the head inside and hold it there while I concentrated on relaxing my ass until I thought I was ready. When I told him to go deeper he went a little too fast and it was quite a shock. I tensed up and I'm lucky Steve noticed my discomfort because he stopped once again when his cock was in as far as it would go. It didn't take me long to recover, but it a was very necessary break.

When I told him it was OK the second time he started to saw in and out of my ass and as he picked up tempo Joel started thrusting into my pussy at odd intervals. When Steve pumped a load of hot semen in my butt I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. Afterwards the guys told me it felt so tight when I came it was like a vice was clamping down on their cocks. To me I just felt fucked. It was wild.

After that Steve was completely spent and Joel flipped me over, put my legs over his shoulders and drilled my pussy really fast. When he came he pulled out and sprayed come all over my stomach and tits. I love getting fucked nice and hard after having an orgasm, it has it's own special feel to it and I love it. The whole experience was wonderful.

After that I got dressed, kissed the guys goodbye and left. That was it. I know that it was silly and dangerous since we didn't use any condoms, but I think it's something every woman should try. You only live once. I'm not sure if I want to do another threesome for awhile, but I know that the next time I'm feeling a little adventurous I'm going to head straight for my computer and log on to Adult Friend Finder.

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