Phone Booth Lover

I don't know if it makes me weird, but I love quickies. It makes my pussy wet to be with a guy who's willing to fuck me whenever and wherever I want. I don't even have to come, just fucking someone for ten minutes in a new place on the spur of the moment gives me something to think about when I'm using my vibrator, or when regular sex with my husband gets routine. By my count, every quickie in an unusual situation will give me ten orgasms over time.

I've been married for ten years and sex with my husband the first few years was great, we did it everywhere. I have many fond memories of having sex in parking lots, parks, public bathrooms, and even in private having sex on the kitchen table. I started cheating on him after my first pregnancy. The responsibility of taking care of a girl put a real damper on our sex life.

The first guy I had an affair with was one of my husband's friends. I'll never do that again. My husband has never found out but I get nervous every time I see them together. After that I went trolling bars with a girlfriend, but I became worried my infidelities would be talked about. My worst fears were confirmed when one of my friends told me about some of the rumors that were going around. I'm sure my husband probably heard them, I'm lucky he didn't believe any of it. I almost quit cheating altogether after that.

Almost. I joined Adult Friend Finder last month and it's changed my life. I've had sex with three different guys since and they were all very memorable encounters. I've been having more sex lately than at any other time in my life, and I'm not worried my husband will find out at all. It's like having a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.

Yesterday afternoon was a little different because I had sex with a guy in a phone booth, but the added danger of getting caught made it an awesome fuck. I live in a large city so there isn't much chance someone I know saw us, but even still it was the biggest risk I've taken all month.

There are other benefits of using the Internet too. I'm 32 and I love young men. There's usually a ten year age gap between me and the guys I like having sex with and I'm a little out of touch with the age group. It sounds funny, but it's true. It's very hard to compete with eighteen-year-old girls for the same guy. Adult Friend Finder makes it easy because there are many men to choose from and there are tons of guys actively looking for a wild time with an older woman, even if they already have girlfriends.

The guy I fucked in the phone booth was twenty one and he had a steady girlfriend he'd been with for years. The surprise on his face when I got on my knees and deep throated him was priceless. He said he'd never been with a woman who could take his entire shaft in her mouth. To make sure I'd really blow his mind I sucked his cock until he came in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

I didn't actually care if he fucked me right there, I was willing to wait until we got to a motel room to be repaid the favor, but his cock remained rock hard. We didn't take any of our clothes off; I hiked my dress up and moved my panties to one side. He made me come by humping me very fast, which was extra special for a quickie. I'll be remembering the experience for years.

I think I will have to start cutting back on the number of affairs I've been having, at least for the next couple of months. Getting fucked twice a week by someone other than my husband does have an element of risk. It's getting hard to make up excuses to leave the house for a few hours. It won't be a huge loss though, I've been having so much fun lately I haven't used my vibrator at all and now I have many wonderful memories to reminisce while they're still fresh in my mind.

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