Getting A Discount

After finding out my husband had been fucking around on me for years I got even by having my own affair- with someone I met on the Internet. To me it didn't matter who he was, he just had to have a hard cock and a lot of stamina.

It took a lot of courage and a full week of surfing on an Internet dating site to make a date for real. I might not have cared who the guy was, but he had to be attractive. My final choice was a man almost ten years older than me, but I wanted someone with a lot of experience. I'd spent too long preparing for my first affair to have some teenage 'stud' come in his pants.

The first night started out with meeting my new Internet friend at a country bar. It wasn't my type of place, but it was perfect because I knew I wouldn't see anyone I know there. James, my date, was already there when I walked in and when he introduced himself I was so impressed I could barely say "hello." He was very sexy, and the situation was foreign to me and I was very nervous. I haven't been single for over five years.

When he asked me to dance I told him I didn't know how, but he said it would be easy if I just followed his lead. I was even more nervous about doing a two-step, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was so exhilarating that I almost forgot why I was there in the first place.

In a slow dance our bodies pressed together and I noticed his cock was bulging from his crotch. It was fully hard, and a warm reminder we were on a serious date that would end with us sleeping together. It turned me on to think of what my husband would do if knew what I was doing.

After our first slow dance I told James I wanted to go home with him and he didn't waste any time whisking me off the dance floor and taking me by the hand out to his car. He opened the door for me like a true gentleman, but once inside we ended up fooling around like a couple of teenagers. It wasn't what I had intended, and when he pulled his cock out I thought it was the most unromantic thing he could have done, but instead of being repulsed I looked around and lowered my head to his crotch. I licked the pre-come from the head and then took the whole thing in my mouth. I kept thinking as I did it, "I shouldn't be doing this," but I didn't stop. I didn't make him come though, I brought him to the edge- the point where he even said he was going to come, but some people walked by and I bolted upright while he zipped up.

I suggested we should find somewhere private, and we were both so turned on it seemed like quite a problem. He said his house was a long drive from where we were, but he had an office not far from the bar and said we could have all the privacy we wanted. It was a little weird, but I told him we should get going before we ended up getting arrested.

It turned out James was the manager of a furniture warehouse and his office had no windows. It was perfect. We had all night together and I knew we'd probably end up back at his place eventually, but I wanted to fuck so bad I didn't care where we were, as long as we wouldn't be interrupted.

Instead of continuing where we left off, he helped me out of my clothes and got me to spread across his desk while he licked my pussy. It was wonderful to feel a different man's tongue on my clit. He gave me two orgasms before bending me over and ramming his cock into me from behind.

I knew I wouldn't be able to come a third time, but I let him fuck me as long as he wanted because it felt good and I wanted to please him as much as I could. He had a lot more energy than my husband. It was like getting screwed by a machine. He pounded my pussy until I was slightly sore, and then covered my ass with thick gobs of come. It was a very different sexual experience than anything I've ever had and I loved feeling like I had been totally ravaged.

I did end up going back to his place that night, but we just fell asleep together in his bed. In the morning I awoke to the pleasant sensation of his hard cock gently pressing into my pussy. He made love to me slowly as we were both half asleep and for the first time in years, I enjoyed morning sex.

I kept up an affair with James for about six months before I broke it off. We had sex a lot in his office, sometimes while people we working in the warehouse. It was dangerous and exciting. I only stopped seeing him because my relationship with my husband improved and we decided to have a baby. I like James, but even with condoms I didn't want to risk getting pregnant by anyone other than my husband.

James understood my problem, and he graciously invited me to come back to see him when I was pregnant. My husband and I are still trying, but as soon as I'm knocked up I already know where I'll be buying my first high chair.

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