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Messed Up Marriage

I never thought I'd be the type of guy to share my wife with another man, but after a few years of being married and getting into a boring routine, it didn't seem like a bad idea. Of course I wasn't the one to suggest it. Candice sort of made the decision for me when she caught me cheating on her (a whole different story, but it was worth it).

She told me she could get even by sleeping around with or without my permission - but offered to include me in a threesome if I wanted to. It was an interesting proposition and I said I'd try the threesome, as long as it wasn't with someone we knew.

I knew she had her eye on a few of my friends and at first she didn't like the idea of fucking a stranger, but when I told her we could go online at a swingers site and find any type of guy she wanted she agreed to do it my way. I was very nervous about how I'd feel about seeing her with another guy, but I knew I'd much prefer an anonymous encounter to having my friends all talk about my cheating wife behind my back.

It didn't take long to find a suitable guy. Putting a picture of Candice's breasts online and mentioning in our profile that she loved it up the ass had guys from all over the country telling us they'd fly over to see us on a moment's notice. She eventually chose Nathan, a well-hung college guy who said he could keep it up for hours.

We arranged a meeting at a cheap hotel suite. It wasn't much of a room, but it had a couch and a mini bar. Candice brought a huge tube of lubricant and knowing that we'd be making a big mess we brought a cover for the bed (Candice has a thing for not leaving bed sheets covered in anal lubricant - no matter how cheesy the hotel is). When we discovered we had a couch, we put the cover there instead.

Nathan showed up on time and it looked as though he was sporting an erection right from the moment he knocked on our door. I can honestly say I was insanely jealous as I watched my wife fawn over this stranger, but as we got to know each other I knew this was going to be a unique experience. I started to look forward to seeing her fuck this guy better than he's ever been fucked before.

"Who do you want to do you first?" I said teasing her. I brought it up out of the blue to see her reaction. She countered by saying she wanted Nathan and I was just here to watch. With that she ripped off her blouse and told him to suck her tits. I wasn't about to be left out and while he sucked on her left tit I put her right one into my mouth.

We shed our clothes as we groped her, and soon her hands were all over our cocks. She alternated giving us head for a bit, but Nathan didn't waste any time getting between her legs and plugging her cunt with his larger than average cock. Candice didn't spare me any embarrassment by proclaiming her excitement that he was bigger than me.

At that point, nothing she said bothered me. I knew she was exaggerating how good it felt to make me jealous, but I enjoyed watching her hole get filled up while she continued to suck my cock. From there we changed positions a lot, but she didn't let me fuck her until she came.

Nathan was true to his word and he stayed hard forever. We took turns fucking her and then while she was on top of me she passed Nathan the lubricant we'd brought and told him she wanted it in the ass.

He didn't wait until I pulled out of her pussy before squirting a generous amount on his cock and lining it up with her ass. Candice stopped moving for a few seconds while we felt him enter her smaller hole and she let a low moan escape her lips when it was in all the way.

I didn't pump my hips. I just remained hard inside her pussy while he fucked he ass in long slow strokes. Candice surprised me by saying she was going to come and when she did I can't describe how awesome her pussy felt. It milked my cock as wave after wave of pleasure surged through her. Apparently her orgasm must have felt just as good to Nathan (or better) because he unloaded a stream of come in her ass just before I filled her pussy up with one of the best orgasms of my life.

After that we took a short break, but Candice brought our cocks back to life with her mouth. We didn't double penetrate her again but we took turns fucking her holes as she kept begging for more. I don't think I've ever fucked her ass as hard as that day, but since Nathan's cock had stretched it out she didn't seem to mind.

Nathan left with a sore cock after having three orgasms. Candice and I were so tired we slept in the room together and didn't wake up until the maid knocked at the door. We haven't had a threesome since, but I know my wife and I'm sure she's building up the nerve to ask for another one. She's still mad about my affair and I think she was disappointed I enjoyed the threesome.

The way I see it, she had imagined I should have blown up with jealousy or not been able to get it up while another naked guy was in the room. The way our relationship stands now, she doesn't know what to think and we haven't spoken very much about the threesome. I'm totally up for another one, but I'm not about to suggest it because I don't want it to become a regular thing. It was cool, but it did make me feel a little weird. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get her to agree to have a threesome with another woman. Now there's something I know won't bother me at all.

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