Peep Show

There is something about sex in public I find irresistible. The feel of a cool breeze on my pussy while I'm getting royally fucked is intense and the possibility of getting caught in the act gets me wet every time- almost as wet as actually getting caught by an unsuspecting stranger.

Believe it or not, I've had a lot of boyfriends that were real pussies when it came to having sex in dangerous situations. Over the years I've made my share of guys do it anyway, but there were very few who seemed to want it as much as I did- until I started meeting guys through the Internet that is.

I'm 22, I'm still single and I'm not looking to get married or even have a steady boyfriend. The last thing I want is a commitment and it's hard to find men that are willing to be dangerous by picking them up randomly in a bar. It's much easier to search though millions of guys on an online dating service and find someone who's into the same things I am.

Lately I've found myself setting up so many casual encounters it's hard to remember the names of my dates- most of the time I have relationships going with four guys at once. I'm not into group sex or anything kinky like that, just normal, awesome sex in a park at two in the morning, or on a public bench during the middle of a sunny afternoon.

Let's see, should I shock your readers? I've had sex on the roof of a building in my university; on a number of different beaches; behind a couch in a furniture store, during a movie in a theatre, on a plane, under a boardwalk; on top of a motor home at a rock festival; and once on a motorcycle while driving down a deserted highway. Those are just a few that I find easy to explain. If I see a semi-secluded spot in a public place, I automatically start thinking about who and what I want to do there.

The last date I went on was extra special. This guy I met online told me straight out he wanted to fuck me somewhere dangerous and that he wanted it to be a surprise. It's just the kind of proposal I look for. His name was Nathan and from his picture he was very good looking.

I showed up at his place wearing a short skirt (no underwear) and ready for something wild. It turned out he was a liar about having anything planned- other than fucking me on his couch. I was horny, but instead of going along I dragged him outside his house and unzipped his fly in front of his garage. He was totally freaked out about his neighbors seeing what we were up to, but it made my day. I love to see a guy squirm. When I pulled his cock out he actually made a motion to run, but I grabbed his hips and when I licked the underside of his shaft he froze and then relaxed by leaning against the wall.

There wasn't anyone around, but it was the middle of the day and anyone could have walked by without warning. I took my time licking his cock before taking the whole thing in my mouth.

I gave him a blowjob until his balls tightened up and I knew he was close. At that point I pulled him down to the ground and then stood up and shoved my ass in his face. I never fuck a guy without getting licked first.

He didn't seem too worried about being seen when his face was buried in my pussy and he licked me for what felt like an eternity. When I came I sort of fell down into his lap, taken by waves of uncontrollable convulsions throughout my body. I didn't even know where I was when I felt his cock enter me, but after a few strokes I realized I was pinning him down on the concrete of his driveway and I started riding him fast and hard.

I came a second time just as he filled me up with his come. When I regained my composure and got off him my pussy dripped a big gob of goo on his chest. It was huge and it was definitely the most come I've ever seen in my life. He looked a bit grossed out because of the mess and didn't know what to do. It was a very funny moment, but not nearly as hilarious as when we looked around and noticed his neighbor across the street staring at us through a picture window.

We both saw him at the same time and ran inside the house quite embarrassed and very turned on. Nathan's plan of fucking me on his couch eventually came true. We couldn't keep our hands off each other for the rest of the day.

I don't know if I'll see Nathan again, but I'm going to tell him to meet me somewhere in pubic. I'm pretty sure he'll follow me anywhere at this point, but you never know. He might be too embarrassed to risk getting caught again, but there's also a possibility I've turned him into an exhibitionist for life. Time will tell, but so far he's been a lot of fun.

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