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My wife Lisa and I have been married for 10 years and we've always had a good sex life, but after so much time together we know what to expect when we get naked together. It's easy to fall into a routine. We'd talked about swinging a few times, but Lisa really didn't want to try it until one of her girlfriends told her about an experience she'd had, and that's where my story begins.

Lisa's girlfriend and her husband had hooked up with another couple through an online dating service. They met in a neutral place and the four of them ended up spending the night at a hotel and going for breakfast together in the morning. My wife's girlfriend is very hot, I'd fuck her in a second, but it would just be too weird to try something like that with people we know.

Lisa told me all of this while we were in bed and I was surprised what a turn on it was to hear her ask if it was something I might want to do. We were both so excited about it we fucked for hours.

The very next morning we joined the very same online dating service Lisa's girlfriend had used. Instead of finding a couple, we ended up meeting two couples in the swingers section. I secretly hoped one of the women would be into anal sex. Lisa never lets me fuck her in the ass and it had been years since I'd felt a tight sphincter around my cock.

Our first sex party was at a house a lot bigger than ours. The owner's names were Stacey and Andrew and they greeted us with warm smiles in a very normal fashion. No one mentioned anything dirty or weird and it was sort of surreal. I felt like the biggest pervert in the room because I was the only one with a full blown erection. Stacey's breasts were huge and I really couldn't wait to get things started.

The other couple didn't show up for about a half hour, and in that time we had a few drinks with our new friends. There was an incredible vibe between all of us and I could tell Lisa was interested in Andrew. I was a little jealous, but I couldn't wait to see what Stacey's pussy looked like and I also wondered if she was an anal babe.

The other couple we were wating for were Craig and Helen and when they showed up it reduced the intimacy of the room a lot because we had to go though introductions all over again. Helen wasn't as good-looking as any of the other women, but she had a fire about her presence that made my cock thob. We found out they were experienced swingers and ran a chain of successful restaurants.

Lisa and I didn't quite know how to start everything off. On the Net we had made it clear we weren't ready for an all out orgy and wanted to do the wife-swapping thing first. We had to mention it all over again in person, which was a bit awkward, but then Craig and Helen said they were cool with whatever we wanted to do and before I knew what was happening Helen took my hand and asked Andrew where we could find a spare bedroom.

Lisa kissed me before we left and said, "have fun." It was a relief to know I had her blessing, but I had a weird feeling in my stomach knowing she was going to fuck another guy (since Helen was with me, it left her with Andrew).

I was well prepared to fuck, I had a small tube of lubricant in my pocket and a bunch of condoms. Helen didn't talk very much. As soon as we found the bedroom she got on her knees and pulled my cock out.

For a brief moment I had trouble getting it up. Being hard for so long with no action wasn't a good way to start the night. I was under a lot of pressure too, knowing that I was essentially trading my wife for this experience. What a loser I'd be if I was just a guy that brought a hot babe like Lisa to the party! It took some concentration to get over my anxieties, but Helen's hot mouth around my shaft was enough to do the trick.

I ended up fucking Helen's brains out. I've never been hornier, and she was wilder than I'd ever dreamed any woman could be. I actually came in her mouth to start things off and she swallowed every drop. I fucked her in as many positions as I could think of and it was heavy breathing, moaning, butt slapping sex.

I almost had my second orgasm inside her pussy while her legs were pinned over her head, but I managed to hold out and gather my senses long enough to find the tube of lubricant in my pocket. When I oiled up a finger and shoved it inside her butt I prayed for a positive response. I had my anwnser instantly as her eyes nearly popped out of her head and she squealed with delight.

It was obvious she was very experienced with anal sex because she didn't flinch at all when I finally slipped my cock in her ass. I fucked her butt from almost as many positions as her pussy before filling a condom with come and it was awesome. When I was done she kissed me and said getting it in the ass was a nice surprise.

When we returned to the living room I was a bit shocked to find Stacey there all by herself. She had a well-fucked glow about her that was incredibly sexy, but she looked tired.

I barely had time to ask her where my wife was when Lisa came down from the upstairs bedroom with Craig and Andrew following behind her. No one had to tell me what had happened because Lisa had a guilty look on her face. She'd fucked both guys at the same time! So much for our 'no orgy' rule.

In the car ride home Lisa explained that she had fucked Andrew all alone first and he came fairly fast. They returned to the living room and Stacey and Craig returned shortly after that. Then everyone seemed to be waiting around for Helen and me forever.

Stacey was tired (she was a little under the weather), but Craig and Andrew managed to persuade Lisa to take them both on, saying it wouldn't be a proper initiation to an orgy if she didn't sample as many cocks as she could. The walls were thin too and they could all hear Helen and I were enjoying ourselves.

I can't believe Lisa went through with it, especially finding out they double penetrated her because she's not a big fan of anal sex! I felt a little left out I didn't get to be part of a threesome, especially with Lisa AND I didn't get to fuck Stacey. The good news is Lisa enjoyed herself and wants to do it again. We've already made another date with Stacey and Andrew, and next time I'm not leaving until I sample everything Stacy has to offer. I know my next letter will be even better.

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