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My husband Byron is a great fuck and we've always had awesome sex, but after four years of marriage things started to get routine and even a little boring. I began to worry he was going to cheat on me.

I'm not the sort of person to hide how I feel, especially with Byron and I think it's part of the reason we have a very good relationship. I brought up the subject of swinging tentatively as an idea to spice up our sex life and I've never seen him get so excited about anything. I knew it would make me hot to watch him fuck another woman, but I wasn’t as keen on the idea of having sex with someone else as he was.

It was tough to back out of, especially since it was my idea in the first place, so instead of looking for couples right away we started out by trying to pick up women in singles bars for a threesome. I've always been curious about what it would be like to have sex with another woman, so it seemed like a good place to start.

Unfortunately it was incredibly awkward to ask someone to come back home with us and after our first night we gave up. I just didn't have the nerve to do it, and a few girls who Byron propositioned called him a pervert. We then turned to the Internet, and our sex lives have never been the same.

In the beginning we searched through an online dating service just looking for a woman to join us, but we became distracted by the number of couples looking for a foursome. Many seemed very attractive and genuine, a lot like us, and I was very surprised to find out Byron was turned on by the idea of watching me fuck another guy.

Our first real swinging experience was with a couple who had been dating for two years. I’ll call them Kara and Craig in this letter. We were all about the same age, Kara was an athletic blonde and her body was perfect, but she was still rather plain. Byron didn’t seem to care though, he knew from our online discussions that she took it in the ass and just being in the same room with her got him hard as a rock. Her boyfriend Craig was fairly good looking though, but not really my type.

They were very cool and we went on a double date not long after making friends with them online. We didn't promise anything to each other before meeting in person, just that if everything went well we'd end up putting a show on for each other, you know, sort of an exhibitionist thing.

We went out for dinner together and everything went according to plan. Actually everything went better than we'd planned. Kara, the blonde, was flirting with Byron so much I noticed he had an erection for most of the night, and my counterpart, Craig, was sporting an overly large package as well.

It was like we had an unspoken connection. Kara looked at me and smiled when I ran my foot up her boyfriend’s thigh under the table. She even did the same thing to Byron. I think the guys weren't really in control. Kara and I ran the show.

When we got them to a motel things started out very raunchy. Exactly as we'd talked about, we put on a show for each other- a nasty show where Kara and I tried to outdo each other. It didn’t take long for me to start losing the competition though. Kara was extremely energetic, and very into the whole exhibitionist thing. I rode Byron with all the energy I had and concentrated my eyes on Kara's hot little pussy bouncing up and down on Craig's thick cock. I came right when she finished him off with her mouth, letting him come all over her face.

Not wanting to be outdone I jumped off my husband's cock and kissed her, mixing our saliva and Craig's come in a passionate embrace. Craig's cock was inches from my face and I guess we turned him on enough that he didn't lose his erection. Without any hesitation, I opened my mouth inches from the head and he leaned forward and 'accidentally' put it between my lips.

As much as Byron wanted to watch me have sex with another man, I knew it would drive him crazy with jealousy. At that moment I don’t think he knew what to do, but Kara jumped on him, leaving me to do whatever I wanted with Craig, which turned out to be a bad deal.

After tasting his come I didn't wait for Kara's approval before giving Craig the best blowjob I could. Before I knew it we were putting on a show for each other, this time with swapped partners.

It was turning into a very interesting situation, and Byron took full advantage. In no time at all he had his cock buried as deep as he could right in Kara’s ass. I knew he would go for her back door, because anal sex is something I just refuse to try, but I didn’t expect he’d get it up there so fast.

I only thought women took it up the ass like that in pornos. Kara loved every minute of it and apparently Craig really enjoyed watching because he came in my mouth very suddenly. It finished him off for the night, and we just watched Byron and Kara go at it for what seemed like an eternity.

It was pretty funny that Craig had two orgasms before Byron had one, but all guys are different in bed and Byron has staying power. We’ve been married so long I'd almost forgotten that a lot of guys come very fast.

What surprised me about Craig was that even with all the action around us, he couldn‘t get it up again at all. Even after Kara was completely spent after getting every hole fucked raw, Byron was still ready to go and I won our little contest in the end by making Byron fuck me in front of our new friends until he pulled out and came all over my tits. I've never felt so much like a slut as I did at that moment, and I loved it.

We haven't done it with Craig and Kara again. I think Kara was a little put out that I proved to be better than she was in bed. Byron and I are full blown swingers now and our sex life has never been better. It's easy to find people online and the jealousy issues turned out to be much less of a problem than I’d anticipated. It’s just been amazing all around and I wish we’d started swinging sooner.

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