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Planned Threesome

Back in college I had a girlfriend ask me to get one of my buddies to join us in a threesome. I didn't agree to do it, but at a party one night she pretty much gave me no choice. She threw herself at one of my friends and we ended up fucking her like crazy in an empty bedroom. She was totally wild and she yelled at us constantly to fuck her harder and to do her up the ass. It was the first time I'd ever tried anal sex and it was better than I thought. We even double penetrated her, which was totally amazing.

I broke up with her soon afterwards. The event bothered me at the time because I was in love with this girl and didn't understand why she would want to have sex with anyone else, even in a threesome. I took it as an insult, but for years afterwards I thought about that night when I masturbated. I couldn't help it; it was the hottest sexual experience of my life.

After I graduated I had trouble staying in a serious relationship. I scared many girlfriends away because I stopped being shy about what I wanted and asked about trying a threesome with me. Even for sluts, taking on two guys at the same time isn't a normal request. From what I understand about women and the way they think, there's nothing as dirty or morally wrong in a sexual context as a threesome with two guys, especially if it includes double penetration.

I went years without trying a threesome again and I thought about paying a whore to do it, but that idea doesn't turn me on. To me, the woman has to want it, just like my girlfriend in college. A prostitute getting fucked for money just seems boring by comparison.

I realized I could fulfill my fetish by looking for swinging couples on the Internet. It's how I ended up joining an online dating site and how I topped the threesome experience I had in college. It all started with talking to a newlywed named Nancy. So far it's been the only experience I've had with someone online, but I've got three other couples wanting to meet me now and I want to write about my recent experience to get all the details straight before I have so many conquests that they'll blur together in my mind. Yeah, I have big plans.

Nancy wasn't surfing the Net with her husband when we first met. She had joined on her own and was interested in having a threesome, but her husband had told her he'd never do anything like that. I caught her attention by sharing the experience I had in college, and she was intrigued that I had stayed to participate instead of storming off. One thing led to another and we made a plan to see if her husband would react the same way.

It was one of the most dangerous things I've ever done. The plan was to arrange a meeting in a hotel while they were on vacation. She would bump into me in the hallway outside their room and in front of her husband throw herself at me and hope he joined in. She was going to try to prepare him for the experience by saying things like, "while we're on vacation we can do things we wouldn't normally do at home," and stuff like that. I'm not stupid, I could see a lot of ways this plan could go wrong, but I told her I would do it as long as I got a chance to sample what I was in for before I booked an expensive vacation.

I met her in a cheap motel shortly after our conversation and she was gorgeous, much better looking than her picture. She was also an awesome lay even in a one on one situation. I fucked her in all her holes and booked a vacation through her travel agent the next day to follow through with our plan. She had nice taste, it was a beautiful resort and I had a room just three doors down from the happy couple. Somehow I didn't think the plan would work, but I figured I needed a vacation anyway so it was worth a shot. They were booked for three weeks, but I couldn't get that much time off so I only went for one week.

I didn't see or hear from her until I was waiting in the prearranged hallway because of the way we'd scheduled it, they'd already been there a week so we didn't have the opportunity to confirm our plans.

It was pretty much my ultimate fantasy come true. I was thrilled to be acting out a similar scenario to what happened to me in college; only I wasn't the guy in a relationship. Life is weird.

When Nancy appeared with her husband it was obvious the two of them had been drinking quite heavily. She told me later she was only acting drunk, but she walked over to me and made a big scene of how she thought I looked like a movie star. She kept giving her husband some knowing looks as they introduced themselves, but he seemed unfazed and opened the door to their room with his key card.

As soon as the door was open she threw her arms around me and gave me a deep kiss on the mouth, then pulled me into their room while her husband stood by the door not knowing what to do. She pushed me on the bed, pulled my shirt off, and then scolded her husband about leaving the door open. He looked shocked, but he closed it and then walked over and pulled her shirt over her head.

What ensued was what I can only call an orgy of lust and hate. Nancy's husband and I fucked her like she was the last woman on earth. The whole time it was like he was fucking her out of anger, treating her like a total slut and she loved every minute of it. We did her for hours and only stopped to clean up in the shower so we could continue. The hottest moment for me was double penetrating her on the floor and unloading what seemed like a gallon of come right up her ass.

It was definitely the best vacation I've ever had. I've been back a four days now and as I'm writing this letter I'm about to head out the door to meet one of the other couples I met online. I'm about to share another slut and I couldn't be happier.

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