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My husband and I have been swinging ever since we discovered we could find partners on the Internet. At lot of people don't really understand what swinging is all about. We're not into group sex- we're into exchanging partners for a night to put some variety into our sex lives. Wife swapping is a term for it, but it's a vulgar description and I hate it because it implies that my husband owns me, like I'm a piece of property he can lend out to a friend. If anything, I own my husband. He does what I tell him to and Iím a very willing participant in every exchange.

Although I've had sex with a lot of different men, I'm very particular when it comes to choosing my lovers. My high standards are the biggest reason we never tried swinging until discovering Internet personals. I mean, how could we possibly find a quality couple out of three choices in a magazine? With an Internet dating site, we have millions of people across the country to choose from and thousands right in our city looking for the same thing we are, so it's not so hard to see why we started fucking a different couple almost every week.

Last night was a typical swinging experience and it started as they all do, with a selection night where my husband and I go through descriptions and pictures who we are going to try to hook up with. It's always an experience charged with anticipation and jealousy. We have a lot of fun with it and grope one another while we go over the profiles. Sometimes it gets us so hot that we donít pick anyone at all and end up fucking like crazy on the floor in front of the computer.

We're both very attractive and we haven't been turned down yet, so that's been a huge bonus. Last night was no different and we chatted online with a few different people, but finally chose a married couple who I'll call John and Leslie.

John was a pilot and Leslie was a sales manager in a clothing store. They were in their early twenties and had been married for four years. They were quite similar to us, only ten years younger. My husband Greg is also a pilot and I work in a library for a large university.

We went out with them for dinner and things went so well we rented two rooms in a hotel nearby. They were not new to the swinging scene and that was part of the appeal, although John's healthy chest and chiseled jaw were all I could focus on. Leslie was very thin and she had small pert breasts. I noticed Greg could barely keep his eyes off of them. John was having the same problem looking me in the eye and I helped him out a few times by leaning forward so he could get an eyeful of my firm C cups.

In the elevator we suffered in silence, as we were all very nervous. The rooms were on different sides of the hotel but on the same floor. We agreed to meet in the lobby in three hours and I kissed Greg goodbye and told him to have fun. I knew I would. When I got John into the room the first thing I did was drop to my knees and undo his zipper. I find the moment of pulling a strange guy's cock out to be the most exciting of all. It's like opening a present. Iíd been dieing to see Johnís cock all night and I wasnít disappointed. He was perfect, he was big, but not too big, and I slowly took his entire shaft to the back of my throat to let him know what he was in for and then pulled away.

He was a little bit shy, but as I leaned back on the bed he took over, pulling my tits out of my dress to lick them softly while his hands found their way to my thighs, pulling my dress up inch by inch. He found out I wasnít wearing any panties when the back of his hand touched my pussy and it was his turn to drop to his knees.

He started licking my clit with true lust. I came very hard and even sat on his face while my entire body convulsed in waves of hypersensitivity. It was one of the best orgasms I've ever had, and he didnít stop working his tongue until I told him to.

After such a powerful orgasm I would have done anything for him and I told him so. I donít normally say things like that because it usually ends with getting my ass fucked, but what he really wanted was a special kind of blowjob. He got me to lie down on my back with my head slightly leaning over the bed so he could fuck my face from the edge while standing up. He pushed his cock all the way in and it was slightly uncomfortable, but the view was incredible.

He fucked my throat really hard and I couldnít take it for very long. I pulled away and he pleaded for me to continue sucking him off. I really wanted to fuck, but I compromised by getting into a sixty nine with him. His tongue and fingers on my pussy brought me right to the edge of another orgasm just before he came in my mouth. I didnít let him off the hook though. After his orgasm he went slightly limp and I continued to blow him, bringing his cock back to life as he gave me another orgasm with his expert tongue.

I was pretty much done for the night at that point and when he got on top of me and slowly pushed his cock between my legs I thought I was never going to be able to take all of it. I was just too sensitive, but eventually his balls were slapping against my ass as he fucked me deep and hard. A couple of times he hit my cervix really weird, but for the most part his full strokes gave me pleasure and made me wetter than IĎve ever been before. When he came he pulled out and sprayed my entire body with thick white gobs of semen.

We rested for awhile and I donít know where I found the energy, but we did it all over again before we showed and went back downstairs. He asked if I would take it up the ass, but that moment had passed and I felt lucky he hadnĎt asked for it when IĎd said IĎd do anything for him. He was a great lover, but after the fuck we just had I donít think Iíd trust him to be gentle enough for anal sex.

Back in the lobby Greg and Leslie said they had been waiting for over an hour. I guess they didn't have as good of a time as we did. I'll never really know though, Greg and I don't share stories of what goes on when we exchange partners. It's one of the rules we laid down when we started swinging. I think it adds to the excitement to let him wonder if I was getting the best fuck of my life or if just watching T.V. for a couple hours. I can't wait until our next adventure. They just seem to be getting better and better.

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