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Bored Housewife

My husband is a conservative guy and I've always been the opposite - I'm very outgoing and a lot kinkier. Our marriage has had its ups and downs, but as we celebrated our fifth anniversary I couldn't help but wonder why I married him.

I didn't cheat on him until recently and I guess I started because I was bored. I love my husband, but I missed the feeling of adventure and trying something new- all the stuff that goes with fucking someone for the first time.

Sexually speaking my husband is good in bed, but he doesn't really like to do new things, and he especially doesn't enjoy anal sex. I've read that one in five women enjoy getting fucked in the ass; I'm definitely one of them. I can't say how many times I've asked him to fuck my ass and been rejected. He doesn't mind having sex while I have a dildo up there, but that's about all the action my ass has gotten in years.

Don't get me wrong here. I'm not a total anal freak or anything. I don't use a dildo in my ass every time I fuck my husband, but when I'm in the mood for something kinky it gives sex an extra element. I like feeling totally filled up.

Talking in a chat room at an online dating service about my little anal fetish is what got me into trouble. I told myself I wasn't actually going to meet anyone in person, I was just fooling around trying to shock a few guys while they typed with one hand, but somewhere in my mind I knew exactly what I was doing.

One guy got me to describe what it's like to get fucked while using a dildo in my ass and then he asked if I'd ever had a threesome with two guys. I hadn't, but every time I used the dildo I thought about it (only natural considering the circumstances). The conversation really turned me on and he invited me to join him and a friend if I wanted.

I ended up being the one typing with one hand that day. I actually told him I would meet him and his friend as long as they could be discrete. Unfortunately I found out they lived half way across the country and didn't want to fly out to see me.

When I left the chat room and turned off my computer I couldn't believe I'd made the offer. I knew if that guy had lived in [my city] I would have made arrangements to go through with it. I tried not to think about what I'd almost done but my mind kept coming back to it. Eventually I decided to log into the dating service again and see if I could find two guys in my area who'd be willing to do me for real.

I got a lot of responses, over a hundred and fifty the first day. It was quite a shock. I'm thirty-five years old and I'm in fairly good shape, and I know there are millions of guys online looking to get laid, but wow. There are also millions of twenty something women on the same dating service with perfect bodies and I don't imagine any of them get that many potential suitors. Apparently a lot of men go crazy over a woman interested in trying double penetration. I shut my profile down because I knew I had too many offers to choose from.

I ended up making a date with two college guys, Kevin and Perry. They were roommates and both graduate students at a local university. As much as I like a hard muscular body and a big cock, I have no tolerance for stupid guys. My husband is a doctor, that says enough about my preferences.

The 'date' wasn't really much of a date. I just showed up at their house and fucked them both silly. It was a Saturday afternoon and I told my husband I was going shopping. For almost two full hours I had four hands and two mouths all over my body, as well as two rock hard cocks expertly satisfying my every desire.

I came well prepared, packing a large tube of lubricant and a dozen condoms in my purse. I hate to admit it, but in the heat of the moment we didn't use the condoms. The guys were just too eager and I sort of forgot about them as Kevin shoved his cock into me from behind while I gave Perry a blowjob. I didn't forget about the lube though when Perry first probed my ass with his finger, and then used a rather large dildo to help prepare me for the main event.

It's difficult to describe what was going through my mind at each moment. It was all so fast and it was almost like a sensual overload because there was always something stimulating me. I wasn't thinking about my husband, that much I remember. They sucked my tits at the same time, both guys ate my pussy until I came, and they took turns fucking my pussy and ass while I sucked the other one off. I was the complete center of attention.

I don't even really know how many orgasms I had. I lost count at five. The actual double penetration wasn't the highlight of the afternoon though. I thought it would have been, but both guys were a little bigger than what my ass is accustomed to. My anal dildos at home aren't that big. It was definitely an intense experience, but the guys were also a bit too selfish. They really fucked me hard and I'm not used to so much friction in my ass while getting my pussy fucked at the same time. I think I enjoyed having two pairs of hands all over me the most.

When I left I felt used. I also felt guilty for breaking my marriage vows, but after a couple of days I was fine. A threesome isn't something I'm going to do again, but I'm not sorry I did it. I enjoyed it, but I realized sex is better with one person. Intimacy is what really turns me on, and shocking my lover with what I'm willing to do for him.

It was the first time I cheated on my husband, but it wasn't the last. Knowing I can find a hot lover anytime I want has been too much of a temptation. I don't have quite as many guys to choose from since I stopped looking for threesomes, but it's still easy to find men. I've been seeing one guy now for almost a week and he's amazing. He's so much better than my husband in bed I'm seriously considering a divorce. I just have to decide if what I'm going through is just a phase or if it's something I'm going to continue indefinitely. Only time will tell.

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