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Living On Her Own

When I got my own apartment I thought I'd be going out all the time and enjoying a wild social life with tons of boyfriends. In reality I ended up working long hours just to pay bills and I found it very difficult to meet anyone I liked. I still went to singles bars, but it didn't improve my sex life very much. I finally gave up on the bar scene when I brought a guy home who'd had too much to drink and puked in my bed.

My options then became fairly limited. I let my friends set me up on a few dates and I swear I'll never do that again. Friends really shouldn't try to set people up. If it doesn't work out people get weird and ask for details of why and stuff like that- details they really don't want to hear. One of my friends is still mad at me for dumping a loser with bad breath and a habit of picking his nose in public.

I gave my phone number to a couple guys at the gym, that was a little better, but it's really sad how many men with great bodies aren't straight. Things got so bad I started dating a guy I work with. That relationship lasted three weeks and the aftermath was total hell. It's a good thing he got a transfer to another department. I was totally desperate when I happened to talk to a friend who'd been using Adult Friend Finder for a year and she had so many good things to say I joined the very next day.

That was two months ago and my social life since then has been much closer to my dream of what life should be like for a single woman living on her own. I haven't been out to a bar in weeks and I've been having the time of my life. It's great. I have three boyfriends right now and I can't decide which one I want to be with the most. It's insane. I get to choose what kind of night I'm going to have every night, whether it's going out to a fancy restaurant or staying in and having pizza and beer. I don't like being alone and I only had two days this month when I didn't have someone with me. The short break was almost a relief since it gave me a chance to phone my friends and tell them what I've been up to.

I love telling people about my sex life (at least when it's good). I have two close friends and we tell each other everything. Somehow it's almost like reliving the experience. That's sort of the reason I'm writing this letter, to try to relive this night I had with a cute guy named Dan two nights ago. I'm at work right now; my boss thinks I'm very busy writing a letter for him.

I'd been on a few dates with Dan and I knew he was a wonderful lover, I just didn't know how good he was until our third date. We didn't do much on the date, just dinner and a movie, but on the way home he started playing with my pussy as he drove. I was so wet by the time we got back to my place that I practically ripped his clothes off as soon as we got in the apartment. We didn't make it any further than the kitchen when I managed to pin him down and shove his head under my skirt. He was really good with his tongue and I let him know how pleased I was after he made me come by getting on my knees and taking his entire cock down my throat. I've always been able to deepthroat a cock, no matter how big it is. He showed his appreciation by filling my mouth full of semen, and I swallowed it all with pleasure.

After he came like that I thought we'd head for the bedroom, but his cock remained hard and he bent me over the kitchen counter and entered me from behind in one swift motion. He took me over the edge by reaching up and pinching my nipples at the same time. They were like rocks and it sent tingles all down my stomach and straight to my pussy. I didn't think I could have another orgasm so fast, but I did and it was so intense every muscle in my body clenched up in waves. When I was through I actually felt a little sore everywhere and Dan had to hold me up while he kept fucking me.

It was by no means the end of our sex session and I thought I wouldn't have the energy to continue, but he pulled one of my legs up with his arm and I got a second wind. We fucked for almost an hour while I balanced on one leg and supported my weight on the counter. I haven't needed to go to the gym in quite some time. Athletic fuck sessions like that have kept me in the best shape of my life.

It seems that Dan keeps getting better ever time we have sex. I just can't wait for our next date. It's just too bad that I already have plans for the rest of the week. Who knows? Maybe I'll be writing another letter tomorrow with an even better story to tell…

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