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I hope people wonít think this is some made up story or something like that. This really happened to me. ItĎs a part of my life I originally wanted to forget, but IĎve had so many positive responses from friends and complete strangers regarding my actions I donĎt mind spending a little time putting it down for people to read. I think itís a story that should be told. I donít like bragging, but it wouldnít surprise me if millions of people have already heard a version of it because itís quite shocking, and thatĎs the way these things go. I have a sense of pride knowing my life story is of urban legend caliber.

I dated my high school sweetheart for 3 years before asking her to marry me. It was a big deal, her folks never really approved of me. They were rich, I was poor. They thought she could do much better, but we were in love. Itís pretty common. Anyway, I won her over and eventually I even won over her folks as well. They helped plan and completely paid for a huge wedding to the tune of $50,000 with over 350 people. It wasnít my choice, I wanted to elope, I hated all the fuss.

It set back our marriage plans a full year. Everything had to be perfect, etc, etc. Other than all the stress for our upcoming wedding, life was great. We lived together in a beautiful apartment and fucked like crazy every chance we got. Jenny (my fiancť) was totally insatiable and deep down I knew Iíd made the right choice. We hadnít been with anyone else ever, and yet when we were together we fucked like pros. We were a perfect match.

Then one day I came home early from work and as I put my key in the door of our apartment I heard moaning coming from inside. I was so shocked I checked the number to make sure I wasnít mistaken. My mind didnít actually register anything though because I heard Jenny scream, "FUCK ME HARDER, YES OH YES!" so loud the door shook a little. I also heard the guy she was with say something like, "THAT'S RIGHT, TAKE IT YOU SLUT," and that voice was unmistakable. It was Steve, my best friend who Iíd known for 10 years, and he was also my best man.

I know a lot of guys would have barged inside and gone postal, but I removed my key and walked away. I was completely stunned. It was like my mind removed itself from my body. I watched my limp frame sneak away and get in my car downstairs in the parking lot. I sat there starring out into space for hours, thinking about all the signs I must have missed. I donít think I missed anything though, which somehow made it worse. Jenny and Steve were very good at covering their tracks. I couldnít even guess how long it had been going on.

When I went back upstairs I found Jenny alone, acting as if nothing had happened. There was a faint smell of sex in the air, but I might have imagined that. She wanted to fuck just as we always did, but I faked a headache and pushed her away.

I actually almost convinced myself that day must have been a dream, that maybe IĎd only heard the neighbors going at it and misrecognised the voices. Our wedding was one month away. All the invitations were confirmed. Everyone I knew was going to be there. Jenny wasnít acting like someone who was cheating on me. I went out drinking with Steve the next weekend. He was the same. Everything seemed normal, and I resumed my usual sex life with Jenny.

About a week later, with only three weeks to go before the wedding I hired a private detective to follow Jenny around. It was really something I only did to find out if I was crazy or not. He followed her with a telephoto lens and also planted a hidden camera in our bedroom. Four days later the camera produced a very graphic video of Steve and Jenny fucking in my bed while I was at work.

I couldnít deny the truth this time. I tried to confront them, but somehow I couldnít do it. I tried to forgive Jenny in my mind, but I couldnít do that either. I couldnít have sex with her until weíd gotten past the issue, I knew that, and to cover I suggested we not have sex until our wedding night to make it special. She accepted reluctantly, and then before I knew it the big day had arrived- and Iíd worked out a plan to make things right.

Jenny and Steve had no idea I knew what theyíd been up to. I went through the whole ceremony and reception on my best behavior. We said our "I doís," ate our delightfully expensive meal, and smeared wedding cake on each otherís face (playfully, it's a tradition where I come from). Everyone was having a good time, and after the toasts to the bride and groom I had my own thank you speech prepared. It took every bit of courage I had.

I thanked everyone for coming, told them they would all be getting their gifts back and that on top of that I had another special surprise. I explained I had an envelope taped to the bottom of all the chairs (something Iíd seen Oprah do on one of her shows). I asked everyone to open it at the same time, and as they did I let them know the marriage would be annulled, quickly said goodbye, and left. On my way out I handed the microphone to Steve, who at that moment still hadnít opened his envelope and had no idea what was going on.

Inside each envelope was a picture of Jenny fucking Steve, I had it blown up from one of the frames in the hidden camera video.

Iím sorry my story doesnít have anything to do with online dating, which Iíve noticed is your usual requirement, but I hope youíll post it anyway. If it makes any difference, Iíve had a lot of success with women Iíve met online since my marriage was annulled, but I havenít felt the urge to change my single status.

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