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Reliving The Moment

I like fucking women in their thirties or early forties. Their bodies are still hot, and they're experienced enough to get really wild in bed. It might have something to do with the 'biological clock ticking', or it might be that they just know what they want, but I don't really care. All I know is I want to fuck as many of them as I can.

My friends and I call them cougars, with the joke being that they go to a bar to pounce on unsuspecting twenty-one year old guys like me, but I've noticed that it's actually harder to pick up a older babe compared to someone my own age. They know they can take home any guy they want, and competition is stiff.

Picking up older babes at an online dating site is exactly the opposite situation though, it's way easier because there are so many of them to choose from. I take full advantage of the shock factor of being actively interested in women almost twice my age (or in one case, exactly twice my age, but I have a different story to tell about that time).

My latest conquest from the Net was a married blonde looking for one night of carnal bliss because her husband had been ignoring her for months. I was very happy to help her out. I went over to her place while he was playing poker at a friend's house and I fucked her for two solid hours.

Her name was Claire and she was a total babe, but she didn't know it. She was so self-conscience about her body that she'd planned to watch a porno together in the living room and then seduce me in the middle of it. Of course I liked the plan, but I stepped it up a notch when I started feeling her up only five minutes into it. She had no reservations and let me go down on her while she watched a brunette porn star say some stupid lines to a doctor who I was sure would soon be giving her a XXX rated examination.

I love licking pussy and I took my time, wondering if there was sex act on the DVD that would get her really hot and I was intrigued when she casually picked up the remote and started fast forwarding to something she was really interested in. It was like we'd been doing this for years, and while my face was buried between her legs, I had a new appreciation for the 'porn during sex' plan. I had to rethink the idea that she'd wanted to watch porno to turn me on or seduce me. She was doing it for her pleasure!

It was impossible for me to see everything on the TV since my face was buried between her legs, but every now and then I looked back to catch the action, and of course I could hear everything as well. She stopped at a lesbian scene for about five minutes, and then fast-forwarded when I was sure she was very close to having an orgasm to a completely different scene where a blonde was getting sandwiched between two well hung dudes.

When she came she clamped her legs over my head and screamed at me not to stop moving my tongue. I did just as she asked and was rewarded with a gush of her pussy juice squirted all over my chin. I've never seen a woman have such an intense orgasm and it made my cock so hard it hurt.

She returned the favor after that and I'm embarrassed to say I came after only receiving a blowjob for about thirty seconds. I thought she'd be mad at me too because I came in her mouth and she didn't swallow it- she pulled back and spat on me while I pumped my load on her tits. I apologized, but she told me it was nothing, that I only caught her off guard, and then she scraped my come off her tits and ate it. Now that's wild!

I was still hard, but as a punishment she forbid me to watch the movie, guessing it was the porno that turned me on a bit too much (she was wrong about thatů but I wasn't about to argue). She made me fuck her in many different positions, but I always had my back to the TV while she watched.

It was intense, her pussy was super hot and even though I couldn't watch the porno I could still hear everything. When I was close I told her I was going to come and she said she wanted it on her tits, just like the movie. I wasn't about to argue with that either and I pulled out and covered her with my spooge while she laid back and enjoyed it.

Like I said, older babes are wild. I once came on a girlfriend I had in high school and she ran to have a shower because she was so grossed out. Not only did Claire ask for it, just as she did with my first load she scraped as much of my spunk as she could on her fingers and then licked them clean.

My story doesn't quite end there though- because I was so busy with fucking Claire I hadn't really seen much of the porno. After I came I looked over at it and a blonde was getting covered in come by two guys. I recoginzed her when she ate it all- it was Claire! This chick had just finished fucking me while watching herself get screwed on her TV by two guys!

She told me all about it, that she's only done one movie like that (actually only one scene) and it was five years ago, before she was married. One of the guys in the movie was an old boyfriend, the other was one of the producers of the movie. I only really caught the last minute or so of her scene and I wanted to watch the whole thing right then and there, but she wouldn't let me. She said I'd have to wait until next time. I'm up for that. Her husband only plays poker once a month though, so I'm going to have to wait. I don't think I've ever been so anxious to watch a movie that I know the ending to!

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